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Energy Transition
in the Mediterranean Region

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Energy prices and energy efficiency in the spotlight at the 6th MEDENER International Conference on Energy Transition in the Euro-Mediterranean Region

The 6th MEDENER International Conference on energy transition in the Euro-Mediterranean region was held on October 4th, 2018 in Amman, Jordan. By focusing on “Energy Efficiency and Energy Prices: a Peaceful Solution to the Jigsaw”, the conference aimed at investigating energy prices as the main bottleneck for energy efficiency and renewable energy investments where electricity prices are very low, and as a prerequisite for an effective energy policy.




meetMED is a two-years project funded by the European Union and developed by RCREEE and MEDENER, which has been officially launched in May 2018 at the headquarters of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) in Barcelona, Spain. The meetMED project aims at fostering energy transition in Southern and Eastern Mediterranean (SEM) countries and to support regional cooperation on energy matters.




National REEE strategies
and policies

- Supporting the development and implementation of EE and RES policies in the Mediterranean region whilst harmonising them.
- Updating relevant existing monitoring tools

Professional and vocational training

- Developing transnational technical and vocational training packages on specific topics, relying on existing successful trainings.
- Focus on energy audits in industrial

REEE sustainable growth
and investments

- Mapping market structure in order to mitigate investment risks for RES and EE technologies as well as their market potential areas with higher impact on local economy and job creation.

meetMED for the UfM REEE Platform

- Adequately supporting the UfM REEE platform through an efficient dissemination campaign on the importance of energy transition, including organising relevant events.