Mediterranean Association of the National Agencies for Energy Management

MEDENER is an international no-profit organization gathering agencies from North and South of the Mediterranean region in charge of implementing public policies on energy efficiency and the promotion of renewable energy sources, by implementing regional projects facilitating the sharing of know-how and best practices among its members and international partners, as well as accelerating the transfer of skills, methods and technologies in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy.


Regional Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

RCREEE is an intergovernmental organization aiming at enabling the adoption of renewable energy and energy efficiency practices in the Arab region. RCREEE teams with regional governments and global organizations to initiate and lead clean energy policy dialogues, strategies, technologies and capacity development in order to increase Arab states' share of tomorrow's energy. Its key work areas are capacity development and learning, policies and regulations, research and statistics, and technical assistance.


French Environment
& Energy Management Agency

ADEME is responsible for implementing public policies in the areas of the environment, energy and sustainable development. Through its work, it aims at fostering sustainable and inclusive energy transition; at innovating for a sustainable and inclusive energy transition; and at contributing to collective expertise for sustainable and inclusive energy transition. In partnership with other national energy agencies, ADEME implements concrete actions on topics, such as building regulation, EE in industries, EE in social building, and awareness raising.


Energy Agency

ADENE is a private non-profit association, recognised as a public interest institution, with the aim to promote the efficient use of energy and water. Its mission is to be the centre of excellence for the energy transition towards a more competitive, sustainable and low-carbon economy. It provides technical assistance in the identification and evaluation of the feasibility of energy efficiency measures; it manages the ADENE Academy, training qualified experts on energy certification of buildings; and it participates in collaborative R&D innovation projects.


Lebanese Association for Energy Saving
and for Environment

ALMEE is a politically independent non-profit association, committed to better managing projects and technologies linked to energy and the environment, all across the Mediterranean Basin and worldwide. Its overriding goal is to develop and promote scientific methods for an enhanced management of energy and economic policies, particularly related to renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, and greenhouse gases emissions. ALMEE has worked with local, regional and international partners to elaborate more sustainable policies and practices related to energy and environment.


Tunisian National Agency
for Energy Management

Under the authority of the Ministry of Energy, Mine and Renewable energies, ANME is in charge of implementing national energy policy and aims at diversifying energy sources, through the promotion of energy efficiency and the support to renewable energies. ANME is also responsible for managing the Energy Transition Fund (FTE), which issues subsidies for investments in promoting renewable energies and the rational use of energy. Furthermore, it has an excellent experience in managing projects with different partners at national and international level.


Algerian National Agency for The Promotion
and Rationalisation of Energy Use

APRUE is a public industrial and commercial institution under the auspices of the Ministry of Energy. Its main role is to develop, implement and monitor national energy efficiency programs. Through its work, APRUE intends to implement and monitor the National Energy Efficiency Programme; to raise awareness and to distribute information on energy efficiency to various stakeholders; and to set-up sector-specific energy efficiency projects and programmes, in partnership with the sectors concerned (industry, construction, transport etc.).


Greek Centre for Renewable Energy Sources
and Saving

CRES is the Greek centre for Renewable Energy Sources (RES), Rational Use of Energy (RUE) and Energy Saving (ES). It is a public entity and has financial and administrative independence. CRES is active as Research and Technological Centre for RES/RUE/ES, by researching on new energy technologies and by technically supporting the market for their penetration; and as National Energy Centre, by working on energy planning and policy for RES and ES. Over the years, CRES has participated in more than 1.000 European, national and international projects.


Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development

ENEA is the Italian public body for research, technological innovation and provision of advanced services to enterprises, public administration and citizens in the sectors of energy, environment and sustainable economic development, in particular on energy efficiency (EE), renewable energy sources and nuclear energy. ENEA acts as National Agency for Energy Efficiency, by providing energy consulting services and technical assistance to local governments. ENEA is currently holding the Presidency of MEDENER and of the European Energy Network of European Agencies. Since 2013, it also coordinates the Covenant of Mayors.


Spanish E.P.E. Institute for the Diversification and Saving of Energy

IDAE is a Public Business Entity assigned to the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and the Digital Agenda. Its mission is to contribute to fulfilling Spain's objectives regarding improvements in energy efficiency, renewable energy and other low carbon technologies. IDAE carries out promotional and training activities, technical consulting, development of specific programmes and financing of technical projects, which are innovative and replicable. Likewise, IDAE leads active international engagement within the framework of various European Programmes and co-operation with third countries.


Jordanian National Energy
Research Center

NERC, part of the Royal Scientific Society, is a non-governmental and non- profit organization. Its main goal is researching, developing, and training in the fields of innovative and renewable energy but also raising the standards of energy use in different sectors and promoting the utilization of renewable energy in Jordan. NERC promotes energy efficiency and conservation practices and has trained many government officials in this area. It is also strongly involved in EU projects dealing with the development of new energy efficiency technologies and with know-how transfer.