Monitoring Tools for EE and RE Indicators in the Mediterranean: the meetMED workshop starts tomorrow in Beirut, Lebanon!

The meetMED Workshop on Monitoring Tools for EE and RE Indicators in the Mediterranean will take place on 20 – 22 March 2019 in Beirut, Lebanon  for a team of experts from ALMEE (Lebanon), ANME (Tunisia), APRUE (Algeria), AMEE (Morocco).

According to the Paris Agreement, all countries have an interest to implement and strictly monitor their EE and RE policies and to measure more accurately their impact on climate.

Monitoring the National Energy Efficiency Action Plans (NEEAPs) in Southern and Eastern Mediterranean Countries requires the definition of reliable indicators to assess the impact of policies, measure progress and identify possible next steps.

Building on the results of the MED-IEE project, which monitored the  EE indicators used in Algeria, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia between 1990 and 2010, the meetMED Workshop will now update the data for the period 2011- 2018.

The meetMED Workshop will aim specifically at:

  • Introducing meetMED objectives and expected outputs;
  • Training the experts to use EE indicators and relevant databases (MED OBSERV’EEER);
  • Identifying specific support needs in each country, if necessary;
  • Exchanging best practices on monitoring tools.

Further to the Beirut workshop, the meetMED experts will conduct country scoping missions in Palestine, Jordan and Egypt to evaluate the needs and the tools for monitoring EE policies. A  kick-off session has already taken place in Amman on 3 October 2018.

As a result of this activity, a regional report on monitoring NEEAPs, the National Renewable Energy Action Plans (NREAPs) and four country reports on Algeria, Morocco, Lebanon and Tunisia will be published before the end of 2019.

The Workshop is coordinated by ADEME and ALMEE and is financed by the own contribution of ADEME.

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